We’re HASH81, a Growth Marketing D-Studio dedicated to blockchain companies

Headquartered in Singapore, we bring growth marketing practice into the next-gen blockchain industry, tailored to your target audience in Asia. 

Strategic Consulting

Provide strategic go-to-market consulting services that simplify your marketing activities in Asia

Event management

Design strategic events tailored to your target audience at the best available time and location


Bring your stories to the next level in order to maximize the organic reach for the sustainable growth


Transform your compelling stories into the piece resonating your target audience

Digital Advertising

Execute the best cost-effective paid media strategy accelerating the growth

Social Media

Grow sustainable online community via optimized content curation and delivery process

Why HASH81

D-Studio: Applying Growth Marketing to Your Blockchain-enabled Business

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing applies growth hacking to optimize the process towards the north star metric, which is widely practised by most successful startups worldwide.

Why Growth Marketing for the Blockchain Companies?

Most blockchain companies are in a similar stage as the startups. It’s inevitable to apply the proven marketing approach to the blockchain industry, therefore.

How does it work?

Our experienced growth marketers will drive marketing activities based on the pre-approved north star metric remotely.

What shall I do?

Blockchain-enabled business founders like yourself can focus on the most valuable items for bringing the concepts into the real world.

Leave the rest to us.

Our Key Value
10+ years experience

Our experts have 10+ years marketing experience in Asia, equipped with deep knowledge in blockchain

Highly targeted

We apply best possible targetted growth strategy maximizing the impact in each stage of your business

Optimized process

We churn out unnecessary marketing efforts to help optimize your strategy towards the north star metric

Scale up

Our international partner network enhances the performance enabling your success at a global scale


A Creative & Dedicated D-Studio that loves to make your business grow in no time.

Let's Work Together